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DNA testing is still relatively new to the general public. I would like to put you at ease and tell you what you can expect and why it might be a perfect fit for you.

In every aspect of the 21st-century, personalisation is key. You’re using a smartwatch to track your every move, you’re posting daily story highlights on Instagram and Facebook and adjusting fitness and health goals according to the latest trends. So why not use your genetics to personalise your health, exercise routines and diet?

I would like to introduce a safe, quick and very accurate way to personalise your life, to embrace a gene-based, personalised diet and lifestyle to optimise your health and wellness through six nutrigenomic tests; DNA Diet, DNA Sport, DNA Health, DNA Mind, DNA Skin and DNA Oestrogen.

Unlike blood tests that vary depending on the time of day, current diet, stress, quality of sleep and hormones, DNA does not change, and that’s one of the most exciting parts for me as a Dietitian. My genes may indicate an obesity risk, but I am still in control to modulate gene expression by adjusting my environment, lifestyle and my eating habits to prevent this outcome. Just like my obesity gene, you will enable yourself to adjust lifestyle factors to improve the outcome of various factors and health conditions you may associate with genetically. Your environmental factors, chronic, illnesses, medication and diet influences your microbiome and expression of genes, but by optimising these factors you, through guidance from medical professionals, can improve and work towards optimising your health.

With a quick cheek swab, DNAlysis can provide you with risk factors, preventative measures and helpful guidelines to optimise your quality of life. I generally prefer a 6 test combo because some genes impact more than one aspect of your health, but you are able to choose a combination or single test if preferred (e.g single test for Coeliac risk). Here is a look at what you’ll learn about each test.

DNA Diet

The test is largely focussed on weight risks and weight management. It also provides you with the additional possibility of a personalised diet (if you require additional consultations with a registered dietitian). The test is guided by your genetics and will guide you on dietary adjustments, whether it be low fat, low carb or Mediterranean. You will receive information on your risk of becoming obese, fat metabolism, carbohydrate responsiveness, your sweet tooth genes, snacking and satiety and many more.

DNA Sport

You will get insight to help you exercise safely and achieve your potential by assessing your injury risk, and recovery potential, inflammatory response, caffeine metabolism, power and endurance potential etc. This means the test will help guide you to focus on preventative measures if you are more inexperienced, or provide you with realistic expectations in terms of your power or endurance potential. The test also guides you in focussing on the ideal time to exercise whether it be morning or evening (This also helps to identify early birds and those who like to sleep in.)

DNA Health

Gives you information on your susceptibility to chronic diseases and conditions (largely influenced by lifestyle) such as osteoporosis, cancer cardiovascular diseases and diabetes by assessing inflammation, methylation (DNA repair), oxidative stress, detoxification, bone health, alcohol metabolism and lactose-, insulin-, caffeine- and salt-sensitivities and the risk of iron overload.

With the information gathered from your DNA test, you’ll enable yourself with preventative measures including dietary and lifestyle adjustments that can make a lifelong impact, you can reduce medical costs and improve your quality of life by doing appropriate exercises and by giving your body what it really needs. The DNA health test will also give guidance on whether you may need additional tests or nutritional supplementation.

DNA Mind

The test has 3 main categories that include risks of neurodegenerative disorders that impact cognitive decline, mood disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder and stress-related disorders as well as addictive behaviours such as nicotine, alcohol or opioid dependence. Through this test, you can enable yourself with preventative strategies, stress management or avoidance of substances to build positive routines and avoid negatively impacting situations.

This test should be seen as an empowerment tool, if you use alcohol in moderation it will not make you an alcoholic, by increasing physical activity, doing frequent brain stimulating exercises, decreasing inflammation and eating more omega-3 fats with antioxidant-rich foods you can improve and stimulate brain function, gut health and overall well being.

DNA Skin

Focuses on interventions to improve the visual signs of ageing. This test gives you information on skin firmness and elasticity, sun sensitivity, detox, oxidative stress and inflammatory responses of the skin. It will enable you to look for specific beneficial components in topical creams and possible dietary interventions to improve skin health and appearance.

DNA Oestrogen

This report is relevant to male and female clients and will provide information on oestrogen metabolism, cancer risk and prevention, oxidative stress and detoxification in the body. Some individuals may metabolise oestrogen differently than others and increased exposure to oestrogen is a strong risk factor in the development of breast cancer. Through the test, you will be able to personalise your diet, hormone and nutritional supplement recommendations to improve oestrogen metabolism and may guide women considering oral contraceptives, hormone replacement therapy and those with a family history of breast or ovarian cancer.


I’ll end off with a well-known quote from the DNAlysis team “Genetics loads the gun, lifestyle pulls the trigger”. So why not follow the necessary preventative steps for your DNA. Embrace the future and personalise your health, physical activity, diet, supplementation and skin care. Contact me for additional information and bookings.




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